Vulva Shaped Soap

Designed by nature, manufactured by Lejlac

YESSS, it is OPP - other person's pussy



L e t ' s   e x p e r i e n c e  j o y ,   l o v e ,   A   a n d    c a r e

We have created these beautiful sculptures. They are made to
show the beauty and variety of the vulva.

The forms are taken from real persons. We created the molds by casting different vulvas!

Each individual soap recipe has its own way of treating and caring for your skin.

The soap is made in a cold process.

We love nature and avoid any harmful ingredients for our planet.

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Pure plant oil soap

Handcrafted in Berlin

  • Ingredients

    To produce our soaps, we have made a lot of research. We avoid ingredients that are harmful for the planet or the skin! Basically this is close to each other!

  • Models

    We love each of our different characters, the black model is wonderful for oily skin with charcoal and the pink model is super nice for dry and mature skin, thanks to the organic shea butter we use

  • Workshops

    We are ready and happy to announce the next dates for the workshops. Cast your own VULVA, and look at it from a new angle. This is stunning!

    A cast made of plaster for you, to take home.

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Vulva Shaped Soap

+ pure plant oil soap

+ designed by nature

+ handmade in Berlin

+ natural and organic

+ plastic free

+ sustainable

+ supports awareness

+ empowers people with VULVA

+ can you imagine the change?



L e t ' s   e x p e r i e n c e  j o y ,   l o v e ,   A   a n d    c a r e