Vulva Shaped Soap, Vulva Seife Berlin abgeformt von echten Menschen

Vulva Sculptures made of Soap

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  • Vulva Empowerment für jedes Geschlecht, jede Hautfarbe, jede Körperform und jedes Alter


    Vulva Visibility! We celebrate the beauty and diversity of the vulva and want to contribute a piece to the normalization and against the taboo of the vulva. The models are casted from original vulvas. Have a look at our workshops.

  • Nachhaltiges Konsumieren wird immer wichtiger neben dem Verzicht


    Natural and ephemeral! The raw materials of all our soaps are intensively researched and are mostly organic. We do not use any animal ingredients. Our vegetable oil soaps are without palm oil, without microplastics and without parabens.
    The tiny sculptures are packaged in a cardboard box and we do not use any plastic here either (besides the glue).
    This is a sculpture made out of soap, so it may return to the cycle of nature!

  • Unsere Rezepturen sind laborzertifiziert!

    Laboratory certified

    Credibility and safety are very important to us. All our soaps are tested by us and certified by a laboratory. You can find information about the ingredients and the production of our soaps on the respective product pages.

  • Wir produzieren lokal und nachhaltig in Berlin


    Premium quality - guaranteed! Our handmade soaps
    are produced in the cold saponification process, which always leaves an extra of fat, unlike curd soaps.
    Thus, the soap nourishes the skin even while soaping.

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Our mission
  • WeFeast featured us in their documentary

  • Berlin Restaurant opens Onlineshop

  • Workshop visit by Exberliner

  • Product feature in magazine "Barbara"