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Why LEJLAC produces sculptures in the shape of VULVAs?

Is this simply a marketing strategy? Maybe, maybe not. And if it is a marketing strategy than this strategy is out there to promote the VULVA and people who are living with it!
Lejlac wants to empower people with VULVAS to celebrate their bodies. There has been a long time of shadowing this organ and we need to bring it to the light.
Nature was the main designer of those sculptures: each VULVA shape was given by a real person, a tiny soap sculpture celebrating the VULVA. By owning one of those objects, Lejlac wants you to notice that this is other persons pussy and property. Please handle with thoughtful care.


Soap as material

The question was, how to produce a sculpture, that is affordable for many people and hence an artwork that can be visioned outside the museum and can also dissolve back to earth. You can use the soap for body care, or preserve it as an artwork.
We are facing lots of crisis’ those days, one of them is the climate change. And one of the amplifier for that is plastic. By using soap as material Lejlac could build sculptures that are not at all harmful for the environment. Please help to avoid shampoos and shower gels packaged in plastic or even contain micro plastics.
Lejlac produces pure plant oil soaps in the shape of VULVAS. The soap recipes are designed individually, each model  having  a distinct benefit for the skin.

Lejlacs promise to you

Lejlac will do their best to research each single ingredient, and build the production around this research. Palm oil is used a lot in other soap recipes, but of course Lejlac could not build the recipes with palm oil since there is an ongoing destruction of our nature. Salt is also a huge political question and Lejlac decided to mainly use rock salt.
The used pigments are iron oxides or plant extracts. All single ingredients are animal free; but to write the soaps to be vegan, Lejlac needs a certificate for the German market that is not yet affordable.
The soaps are handmade in Berlin and the ingredients are eco friendly, Lejlac mainly uses organic ingredients. The scents come from pure essential oils.


About the maker, LeKrek

Lejlac was founded in 2021 by artist LeKrek after three years experimenting and researching on the material and design of the VULVA sculptures.

LeKrek worked as an artist in the field of performance and video arts by asking questions about structures that seem common and normative and can be tackled to reach out new ways of understanding and communication.

LeKrek still is in the transition from a conceptual artist to an entrepreneur and new questions arise. Questions like: how can we build new ways in the field of labour? For now LeKrek will do her best to set up working standards, that are reaching out from precarious life styles.