The magic impact of natural soap

natural skin care

♡ beautiful scent from pure essential oils

♡ to know about each ingredient

♡ avoid any plastic bottles and packaging

The benefits of natural soap

There are basically two different types of soap: natural soaps, and industrially made soap bars. Industrially made soaps originate as natural soaps. The main difference between the industrial and the natural soap is the amount of moisturising glycerine that they contain.

Glycerine is a natural product created during both processes. The soap will not be processed further within the natural process and the fats and the glycerine stay inside the soap bars. In the industrial produced soaps the glycerine will be extracted.

We are using the cold process method.

The pure plant oil, that we are using, is heated and melted at a low temperature for this purpose. Then a precisely calculated amount of caustic soda is added. The mixture must now be stirred for a longer period of time. The chemical reaction that takes place forms a viscous soap glue. Further soap ingredients like colorants and fragrances will be stirred into this during the cooling phase.


The cooled soap paste mixed with different additives is poured into our V♡LVA shaped molds and must now mature for several weeks

Ready is a high quality soap and due to the gentle production still contains nourishing glycerine and the super fats, that we have chosen individually for each different model.

Plastic free packaging. Recycled paper and graspaper are used.