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Get your own Vulva cast

Vulva Cast Workshop

Vulva Cast Workshop

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Book a slot in one of our empowerment workshops. You can book it for you or a friend, but only vulva owners can participate!

Come and have an extraordinary experience in the heart of Berlin. Get your Vulva sculpture made of plaster and a free drink and some time to chat in a group about our experience as Vulva ownwers!

Our next workshop will be on Sunday, 3rd of March!

Dates to keep in mind:

Sunday, 3rd of March 2024, 4pm | 7pm

Thursday, 28th of March 2024, 4pm | 7pm

We are looking forward to engage and empower people with vulva to get more in touch with it.

How does it work?

The workshop is designed for small groups uo to five people. Each person will come to our room for about half an hour alone. We will take the mold of the vulva by you sitting on a tray. The material we are using is made from seaweed and therefore purely natural. Then there is some free time for everyone, as in the meantime, I will process those four or five different molds. In the early evening we will be back in the studio, gather all together. While having a drink, you will receive your personal plaster cast. We will have a while to talk and share our words about this fresh experience. We are offering a safe space and encourage everyone to be respectful.

What is included?

The main object is the cast of your own vulva in a kind of plaster, the material itself is a bit stronger than the common gypsum. Its features are the details and the stability. It can not be painted with watercolors but finished with varnish. A cord for mounting it on the wall can be added to its back. The size is around 18 cm. We do offer a light colouring of your choice.

This is not filled with soap because this process takes a lot more steps. If you are interested in that, please write to us:

Tea and water are always available and a special drink in the evening will be served. An alcolic or non-alcoholic fun drink.

A peaceful place where everyone can decide, if he/she/they want to share there vulva mold with the other participants.


* We would like to offer a lower price to students and people with less income. We am accepting a student id or a Berlin Pass e.g. Please just add the document to your email. The reduced price is 75€.


We will send you a paper for the preparation that you have to do in advance and the terms of condition.

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