faq - frequently asked questions

Can I use the soap for my Vulva?

The Vulva soaps have a ph of 8-9, they are slightly alkaline. This is optimal for a mild care of the body and hands, some soaps are also perfect for the face and the hair. The Vulva has a ph between 4-5 and also has regenerative super power and we recommend the use of water and specially designed oils only.

Can I have a customized soap from my own Vulva?

Yes, you can. But please keep in mind, that it takes its time as the soaps have to dry at least for one or two months depending on the recipe. Also the casting process is very particular and we will produce them in the same way as our normal soap bars. Another option is to cast your Vulva in plaster, in one of our workshops.

How long does a Vulva soap last?

The decision is yours ;) , if you like to have it as a sculpture and look at it and have the beautiful fragrance around, it can last for years. But please keep in mind that it is not placed in the direct sun or in a humid place. The other option is to use it immediately. In that case the lasting depends on your usage. On an average a bar of soap lasts 2-3 months. If you take a bit of the soap and rub it in your hands until you receive an amount of foam, you can have it last longer. Also our skin does not always need soap for cleansing, it is much healthier for our sensitive body organ the skin, to use water only.

AND: Use a soap dish that drains well, to let your soap dry properly.

May i use the soaps in nature?

Our soaps are biodegradable, this means, yes, they can be used in nature, too. But please only use a minimum amount to clean yourself with it, as the essential oils, which are at a really minimum, can irritate the water and its microorganisms and also the ph of the water can get irritated.

Is your soap suitable for sensitive skin?

Luckily, everybody is different! Each skin and hair reacts differently to natural products. By using our soaps, we encourage you, to give yourself time and listen to the needs of your body. The green soap got tested by a person with neurodermitis and she was happy to do so, as her skin started to calm. Sometimes already reducing the conventinal shampoos and shower gels, can help, as sensitive skin can be the reaction to synthetic ingredients and surfactants. As every skin and body is different, we can not give you a guarantee.


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