Vulva Shaped Soap

Artisanal statement for visibility, diversity and empowerment

Wanna cast your Vulva? Book the Workshop!

You can book it for you or a friend, but only vulva owners can participate.

Come and have an extraordinary experience in the heart of Berlin. Get your Vulva sculpture made of plaster + a free drink and interact with other Vulva owners!

Price 89€

March 28th, 2024

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Decoration only soap

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Vulvaseife in Schale auf malerischem Grund

Vulva Shaped Soaps


Artisanal statement for more visibility, diversity and empowerment

LEJLAC's soap production!

The magic impact of natural soap

♡ natural skin care

♡ beautiful scent from pure essential oils

♡ to know about each ingredient

♡ avoid any plastic bottles and packaging

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Vulva Empowerment

A long history of invisibility and taboo has to be rewritten!

Locally designed and produced

We are a Berlin based brand and manufacture our artisanal soap in Berlin.

Natural Sculpture

Using materials that are not harming the planet helps to build a sustainable environment!

Laboratory certified

All our soaps are tested by us and certified by a laboratory.

Black  Vulva Soap on a trunk with moss

Why LEJLAC produces sculptures in the shape of VULVAs?

Is this simply a marketing strategy? Maybe, maybe not. And if it is a marketing strategy, than this strategy is out there to promote the VULVA and people who are living with it!

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